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We offer restorative sessions to suit your needs from express stretch to longer dedicated sessions to focus on lasting results. Choose from 30, 60, 90, or 120-minute sessions.

Stretching is important for keeping proper circulation and balance for your skeletal muscle tissues. We offer facilitated stretch therapy to release fascia tissue and joint tightness to increase range of motion and flexibility.

Perfect for targeting and releasing your main pain area. It it’s your lower back, neck and shoulders, hips, or other, our one-hour long therapy session focuses on relieving the underlying issue of your most problem area.

Get more out of your massage with targeted pain relief and overall relaxation. Our hour and half session allow sufficient time to focus on both your main pain area and relax other core muscles groups of your body.

Address multiple chronic pain areas of your body with more extensive time to focus on releasing the deep underlying issue of you pain problems.

Optional Add-Ons

Complete Your Massage With Additional Therapeutic Treatments

Aroma Therapy

Natural plant extracts with medicinal benefits to enhance both physical and emotional well being

Himilayan Salt Stone

All natural salt stones from the Himalayan Mountains offers deeper relaxation by promoting improved circulation

Massage Gun Therapy

High vibration percussion therapy releases sore tight muscles by promoting blood circulation to the area 


Suction cups speed the rate of recovery by restoring blood circulation to chronically tight muscles

Hot Towels

Add warmth to your session to increase relaxation and circulation for deeper muscle release


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