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Did You Know
Pain Is Not The Problem... Its The Symptom?

Understanding the difference is the SOLUTION.

Its easy to think back pain is a back problem! Neck pain is a neck problem, and they will both go away if you just take some Tylenol and rest a bit… BUT actually the opposite is true! 

The body’s muscles, tendons & tissues are so interconnected that every issue stems from a larger underlying problem. 

That is why we take a comprehensive approach to resolve the root cause of your pain!

Believe It or Not, But...

Pain Is A
Good Thing!

Whether real or perceived, pain is our body’s way of saying something is wrong.

It is literally our body’s natural way of telling us to STOP, WAIT & SLOW DOWN! Hence, the reason you are unable to fully function when pain is present. This is how our body protects itself from us causing more damage to the underlying issue. So it is important to pay attention and give your body the proper care to resolve the root cause of the pain itself.

Here are the most common signs your body needs care...

Its Not Meant to Be Permanent!

That is why our Pain Minimization Plans take a comprehensive approach to identify the underlying cause of your pain and suffering. By first understanding where the pain begins, we are able to provide proven solutions to relieve your pain by applying methods of Neuromuscular Massage techniques.

Your muscle health is important to us. So we made our Pain Minimization Plans affordable!

Here's How Our Clients Feel

our 4-step process for

Pain Minimization

This results driven approach is personalized to your specific problem to identify the root cause of pain & track relief

1. assessment

The first step in developing a strategy based on your health history and treatment goals

2. Personalize plan

We customize treatments plan to focus on your specific pain points over time

3. Track progress

By setting phases by sessions we can measure the progress of your relief

4. minimize Pain

Get quick and lasting results from our focused treatments to your specific pain

  • Total Time Booked

    Other places cut your time short to prep for the session, but we provide you the complete amount of time booked.

  • Post Massage Self-Care

    Treatment continues after each session with guided insights to speed your recovery and maintain well being

  • Complimentary Aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy is not a luxury to us, it is essential to providing a holistic experience during your session

A Completely Customized Approach For

Treating A Range of Issues

For The Most Effective Results

We use a combination of techniques to ensure complete therapeutic sessions personalized to your specific needs

  • Deep Tissue

    Relieves tension at the the deepest layers of your muscles and connective tissues

  • Reflexology

    Relaxes and restores energy through natural pathways in your hands and feet

  • Cupping

    Uses suction to increase blood circulation in muscles to promote cell health

  • Trigger Point

    Releases concentrated areas of severe tension by applying long pressure to muscle fibers

  • Manual Stretching

    Facilitated stretching to promote flexibility and reduce chronic muscle tightness

  • Myofascial Release

    Eases the tightness in conective tissues to allow targeted manual therapy

We Are the West Valley's

Premium Restorative Massage Provider

As experts in Neuromuscular Therapy, we specialize in your overall muscle health. Our Licensed Massage Therapist are invested in thoroughly understanding the anatomy of your body to provided proven solutions to specific pains and aches. That is why we are unlike other massage studios! Instead, we take a results driven process that sets goals for measurable relief.

Allow our restorative massage solve the root cause of the pain

This is Targeted Therapy for Supporting

Active Lifestyles!

So Are You Finally Ready to Relieve Your Aches & Pains?!

There are really only two options- one, continue to continue to suffer in pain, or two, discovery the root cause of your issue and find relief through proven methods of our Pain Minimization Plans.

Which will you choose?!

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